Meike Waaijers started her PhD at the University of Amsterdam. She will focus on the potential of an AI approach for building networks, to assist clinicians in developing evidence-based and individually tailored case conceptualisations.


Meike obtained her Bachelor's degree in Psychology at the UvA in 2022. During her studies, she became fascinated by the philosophical aspects of psychological research, which led to an interest in the replication crisis and the potential role of theory construction in overcoming it. Simultaneously, she developed an enthusiasm for statistics, data science, and Artificial Intelligence.

After completing her Bachelor's degree, she went on to do a Master's in Behavioural Data Science at the UvA. During her master's thesis, she had the unique opportunity to get involved in exploring how theory construction can be improved. As part of the project, she created an R package that can be used to build a theory (represented as a network) from scratch using GPT-3. This project laid the groundwork for her current PhD.