Jonas Haslbeck will join the NSMD team from July 2022 and will provide methodological support and training for the project members. "I'm excited about supporting the NSMD team in investigating the dynamics underlying mental disorders and developing new methodological tools along the way".

Jonas is currently a postdoc at the Theory Methods Lab and the Psychosystems Lab at the University of Amsterdam. He has done extensive work on network methodology, including Mixed Graphical Models (MGMs), Moderated Network Models (MNMs), node predictability, and time-varying network models. Among other software packages, he has developed the R-package mgm, which allows researchers to estimate these and additional (network) models. 

In addition, Jonas worked on the recovery of psychological systems from time series data, focusing on issues such as misspecification and sampling schemes. His second line of research is on the development of formal theories of psychological phenomena. Jonas has developed the Abductive Formal Theory Construction (AFTC) framework for the development of formal theories using statistical (network) models and has participated in the development of a formal theory of panic disorder. More info on his website

Jonas will join Team Network and support all other teams.