Laurens Kemp started his PhD at Maastricht University, where he will be studying the trans diagnostic processes approach, avoidance behaviors and trans diagnostic factors or processes that contribute to them.

Laurens Kemp.jpg

Previously, Kemp completed a bachelor’s in Psychobiology and a master’s Brain and Cognitive Science at the University of Amsterdam. During the latter he did a research project on the neural correlates of social rejection at the UvA, and a research project on executive function in dissociation at Lund University in Sweden. “In these projects, I was engrossed by the details of experimental design and how best to tease out the basic mechanisms of the mental functions we were studying with the measures we were taking, and I hope to do this just as well in my PhD here. I I am especially interested in the discoveries we can make that are relevant to both clinical cases and everyday behavior.” 

He will join the Disordered Desires Team, under supervision of Katrijn Houben, Tom Smeets and Anita Jansen.