Alberto Jover Martínez started his PhD in the Clinical Psychological Science department of Maastricht University. He will study dynamic individual network structures of patients with different mental illnesses.

The aim of his project is to understand how symptoms affect each other within an individual over time, how “mental illnesses” are initiated and maintained, what are the most common network structures, and how such structures are related to traditional diagnostic categories.
Jover Martínez studied Psychology at the University of Valencia, and finished the research master on psychopathology at Maastricht University. There he discovered network science and its approach to psychopathology, which he found fascinating. “So I decided to learn more about this approach during a research internship at the ICPE at Groningen university. After this, I extended my statistical knowledge to understand better the analyses that are used in network science by doing a master on Quantitative Analyses at KU Leuven.”
He will join the Team Network, and is supervised by Anne Roefs, Lotte Lemmens and Eiko Fried.