Prof Anita Jansen, scientific director of NSMD, will be presented with the P3NL Prize 2022 in Woerden today. The annual award for and by professionals aims to reward and encourage professionals who put the field of psychological and pedagogical care on the map in a committed, positive, innovative and high-quality manner. Anita Jansen was unanimously chosen by the jury, because of her research into and impact on diagnostics and treatment of eating disorders, next to her "unconventional way of acting, her courage, perseverance, relentless commitment and creativity which have a significant impact on the mental healthcare sector".

In its report, the jury called the large-scale research project New Science of Mental Disorders, led by Anita Jansen, a 'true paradigm shift', which could have major implications for diagnosis and treatment of psychopathology. From the report: 'Characteristically, Anita constantly involves professionals in her projects. She travels seemingly tirelessly around town and country to give lectures and workshops herself to professionals to inform them about the results of her research. Anita, with her unconventional way of acting, her courage, perseverance, relentless commitment and creativity, has made a significant impact on the mental health sector and, in the opinion of the jury, deserves this year's P3NL prize like no other.' 

The award will be presented today, during the annual P3NL afternoon in Kasteel Woerden, where Anita Jansen will also give a lecture. The federation P3NL was founded in April 2015 and contains 13 associations, both professional and/or scientific associations for psychologists, pedagogues and psychotherapists. Among other things, the federation is committed to the importance of evidence-based work.

Download the (Dutch) jury report.